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🇮🇹  We are Italian because a doctor and 2 engineers from Brescia transform diving masks into respirators.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because of the Beretta weapons factory engineers and builds the valves for the modified masks.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because hunters organize themselves and fill the game bag with 1 million euros for hospitals.


🇮🇹  We are Italians because the Alpini builds the largest field hospital in Europe.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because disposable gowns are made by Armani and Calzedonia.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because of Ferrari engineers the respirators in Maranello.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because the masks are made by Gucci and Prada.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because the disinfectant gel is made by Bulgari and Ramazzotti.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because Cracco cooks for the Milan hospital.


🇮🇹  We are Italian because,  more than 1,500 responded to the call for a task force of 300 volunteer doctors, and even the doctors in their eighties did not back down.   

And because at the call for 500 volunteer nurses, 8,000 responded!


🇮🇹  We are Italian because Europe was united by the ancient Romans, and it was only a province of Rome.


🇮🇹  We are Italians FROM ITALY!

Quarrymen of the white marble quarries of Carrara, its history.


The quarryman is the only profession in which the owner's name is the same as the worker's name: quarryman.

One of the most poetic professions in the world, where one interacts with the mountains and "steals" a piece of it every time, sometimes at the cost of one's life.

The quarryman is a profession that starts from great-grandparents and passes to grandparents, fathers, and children.


It is the job of different generations, the quarryman.

Michelangelo went to Carrara to get the marble with which to make his best works.

In Carrara the Bin Laden family today bought the ownership of half of the quarries, but the sweat, the investment, the effort, the desire to be part of a process, is always there.

Worker quarrymen claim the beauty of an outdoor craft, in the mountains, even if sometimes they get sick from the same dust that represents - joined together - that marble which for them also represents life.

It is the strangest profession in the world, the quarryman.


A craft that crosses life and death, the good air and the dust, the desire to be - a little - even like Michelangelo.


Calacatta Carrara marble tiles, new production this year.
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February 22, 2017

Bike Freestyle in the Quarries!


Watch Brumotti, former bike trial World Champion and Guinness World Record Holder freestyling in the quarry.

February 13, 2017

"What's behind a slab of the most famous marble in the world ?"

A peak of the work in the Statuario Quarries by Yuri Ancarani

February 09, 2017

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